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  • The tournament will be held on Wednesday, March 11, 2009.
  • Pre-registration is required, deadline is March 4th, 2009. Please register during one of the practice nights, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • No extra fee to enter the tournament (other than the usual season pass or drop-in fee).
  • All players are eligible and encouraged to participate in the tournament.
  • It is team competition, with 2 players on each team. No handicap.
  • The tournament committee will decide (based on ratings) the formation of teams.
  • Teams will be divided into multiple divisions.
  • Each division will have 4-5 teams, round-robin format.
  • Each team match-up will be best of 5 (4 singles and 1 doubles): The order of the first 3 matches could be random (i.e. Doubles can go first, or second if wanted). The last two singles matches must stay as the 4th and 5th match of the sequence if needed.
    1. A vs X
    2. B vs Y
    3. AB vs XY
    4. A vs Y
    5. X vs B
  • For each match-up, a team decides the order of its players (who plays first and second). Typically each team will put their stronger player as A or Y, but depending on how a team matches up with its opponents, it can sometimes be a good strategy for a team to reverse the playing order. The intent is to win each team match-up with as few player matches as possible.
  • Each player match is best of 3 games.
  • Each team match-up is best of 5 matches. (Once a team has won 3 individual matches, the team match is finished; the remaining player matches will not be played.

Players Registered

  1. Lai Nguyen
  2. Chi Lam
  3. Kiswanto Thayib
  4. Quang Bui
  5. Long Jin
  6. Hoang Tran
  7. Sam Prum
  8. Tu Nguyen
  9. Joel Lidstrom
  10. Edi Schlechtinger
  11. King Cheung
  12. David Yu
  13. Norm Hopkins
  14. Shashi Sethi
  15. Pete Wottreng
  16. Dave Judd
  17. Dave McCarthy
  18. Zhengwen He
  19. Dave Nett
  20. Stan Wilkinson
  21. Chris Sorenson
  22. Tuan Truong
  23. Brenda Nguyen
  24. Alex Fu
  25. Alex Troester
  26. Jeff Zadow
  27. Gavin Clark
  28. Chris Lam
  29. Hoa Tran
  30. Kevin Kallmes
  31. Zachary Zadow
  32. Will Wente
  33. Austin Wagner
  34. Mark Stanchfield
  35. Jacob Nett
  36. Brandon Lam
  37. Joe Ernst
  38. Brody Weinmann
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