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To see a personalized rating history which shows the wins and losses against other players and ratings gained/lost, please visit RatingsCentral.com and follow the instructions on the web to view certain reports. Enter a specific play date if you want to see information on a particular play day.

To see winners of RTTC tournaments, you may visit the Tournaments page to view the results.

Overview of the Ratings System:
Results of official club matches for RTTC members are entered after an official club play. The results are entered into the Ratings Central web site.

A rating shown next to the player's name indicates a playing strength or skill level of that player. The higher rating identifies a better player, with maximum rating of 3000. A rating is just an indicator that shows a relative skill level (best estimate) compared to other players, based on past performances that were recorded.

An accuracy (standard deviation) number indicates how much spread (how close/far) it is to the player's true rating. For example, a player which has a rating of 1500 with 100 accuracy (1500 +/- 100) means that the player's rating ranges from 1400 to 1600. A player that plays frequently will have a lower accuracy number (which indicates a more accurate rating) compared to a player that plays infrequently. If a player absent from official playing for a certain period of time, his or her accuracy number will increase to show more uncertainty of his or her rating.

The rating system we are using here, Ratings Central, is somewhat different than the official USATT rating system. Each rating system has its own strength and weakness, but the ratings produced by both systems are somewhat similar (not far from each other).

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