Tuan Truong won the award for most improved rating for the Winter Season with a 335 point increase!

Picture Icon Tournament Pictures can be seenĀ here.

Division 1:
1st: Kiswanto Thayib & Quang Bui
2nd: Lai Nguyen & Sam Prum
3rd: Chi Lam & Hoang Tran
4th: Ilie Acu & Long Jin

Division 2:
1st: Joel Lidstrom & Shashi Sethi
2nd: Tu Nguyen & Pete Wottreng
3rd: Edi Schlechtinger & Norm Hopkins
4th: Kin Cheung & David Yu

Division 3:
1st: Dave Nett & Tuan Truong
2nd: Stan Wilkinson & Chris Sorenson
3rd: Dave McCarthy & Alex Fu
4th: Zhengwen He & Brenda Nguyen

Division 4:
1st: Chris Lam & Hoa Tran
2nd: Jeff Zadow & Zachary Zadow
3rd: Alex Troester & Austin Wagner

Division 5:
1st: Jacob Nett & Alex Malinchoc
2nd: Brandon Lam & Tee Ganbat
3rd: Mark Stanchfield & Brody Weinmann

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