41 Point Handicap Singles and Doubles Tournament

Michael Tran won the award for most improved rating for the Spring Season with a 134 point increase.

Tournament Pictures can be seen on Media Tab/ Photo Albums.

Tournament Detail Page Here.

Division 1:
Brenda Joel
1st- Brenda Nguyen 2nd- Joel Lidstrom


Division 2:
p1000971_1_1 Ben
1st- Michael Tran 2nd- Ben Kubesh


Division 1: Consolation
p1000989_1_1 p1010021_1_1
1st- Tuan Truong 2nd- Norm Hopkins


Division 2: Consolation
Ribaudo Andy
1st- Michael Ribaudo 2nd- Andy Schroeder
Doubles Finals:
rick&andy Mich&Stan
1st- Rick L. & Andy S. 2nd- Michael R.& Stan W.


Doubles Consolation:
p1000971_1_1 Brenda
1st- Pete W.&Joel L. 2nd- Lai & Brenda N.
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