Wednesday League Play:

The first hour (7-8 pm) is for warm-up, practice and coaching.

The next two hours are for league matches. We usually play round-robin singles, and match results (wins/losses) are recorded for rating.

Players are grouped based on their ratings. (Typically we put players of similar skill in the same group for competitive play, though sometimes we mix things up to give players a chance to compete against new people.) Each group usually has 4-6 players.

For variety, we sometimes play team or doubles matches.

Weekend Play:

Players’ choice. Open play, practice or coaching.

Become a Supporting Member

You can support the RTTC by paying a yearly $10 membership fee. Membership benefits include:

  • a discount on each season’s play pass

  • voting power during the annual election of board members

RTTC Fees:

Options    Member      Non-Member

Quarterly,Season Pass
Covers all RTTC Wed &
Weekend Schedule during the season

   $60    $65

Drop-in Fee

  • Pay each time if no season pass was purchased

   $5    $5


RTTC & XNT5 Fees:


Type of Passes


Family (2 or more)

Annual Combo Pass

  • Covers all RTTC and XNT5 activities

$365 (Jan - Dec)

$275 (Apr - Dec)

$185 (Jul - Dec)

$600 (Jan - Dec)

$450 (Apr - Dec)

$300 (Jul - Dec)

Only available in Q1

Only available in Q2

Only available in Q3

All 3 includes RTTC membership

Quarterly Combo Pass

  • Covers all RTTC and XNT5 activities



Available in each quarter; does not include RTTC membership

Drop-in Fee

  • Pay each time if no season pass was purchased


$5 per person


  • Combo Pass allows players to participate in events in either location (RTTC and XNT5). RTTC will also plan additional events at XNT5 locations that will be covered by the Combo Pass (unless otherwise stated)


See Registration Form here. Questions? Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (507) 722-0099.

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