Follow these steps to become a Certified Umpire:

  1. Join USATT
  2. Learn the USATT Rules
  3. Contact USATT at 719-866-4583 for a Password and Take the On-Line Test
  4. (Not Required)  Download ITTF Handbook for Match Officials
  5. (not Required) Take ITTF excellent Online Umpires Course.

      RTTC players that are USATT Certified Umpires; Kiswanto Thayib, Joel Lidstrom, Pete Wottreng and Norm Hopkins.


Become a Certified Coach:

       RTTC players that are USATT Certified Coaches; Chi Lam, Quang Bui, Sam Prum, Joel Lidstrom and Kiswanto Thayib.

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